Brian King Joseph

Brian King Joseph is more than just your typical jaw-dropping phenomenal performer. Nicknamed "The King of Violin,"  BKJ is the Revolutionary Electric Violinist of the 21st Century.

A self-taught and self-produced master of his own craft, the rebellious prodigy seeks to change the game, bringing a unique, refreshing, modern, exciting twist on the timeless instrument. While many of us can get lost in the new digital age of music, BKJ is keeping real music alive. His unmatched skill, speed and phenomenal chops have wowed the Internet, gaining over 15 million views worldwide within the first year.

BKJ has received recognition from Chris Brown, Fetty Wap, Machine Gun Kelly, Keke Palmer, Mike Posner and Snoop Dogg. He consistently collaborates with lifestyle brands, independent designers, and event programmers for both sponsored and private events such as weddings (reception & ceremony), ribbon-cutting events, club openings, private parties, and more.

Home Base: Los Angeles