Big City Revue

This is Big City Revue's passion and enthusiasm to entertain combined with solid, stellar performances keeps this band in constant demand. They have been invited to play in some of the world's most exciting cities, from New York to Maui, Venezuela to Cancun. Big City Revue has traveled the world over delivering their own diversified and dynamic musical style of Motown 60's, Disco 70's, 80's Retro, 90's and current hits.

Big City Revue grabs their audiences, young and old, with a positive energy that builds an intoxicating, dance driven atmosphere on any dance floor. Completely versatile, Big City Revue offers a variety of musical options from an 8-piece combo to a 16-piece party band, complete with dancers. Big City Revue's format can be uniquely tailored to the needs of any engagement.

Home Base: San Francisco