Anthony Blea y su Charanga

Combining the traditional Charanga instrumentation (violin, flute) with a driving horn section, Anthony Blea y su Charanga will satisfy any true music lover's fantasy. Complimenting Anthony's prodigious skills are the finest musicians to be had in the Bay Area. On piano, the venerable Marco Diaz, on bass, the humble Saul Sierra, on conga, Javier Navarrette, on timbales, the inscrutable master Carlos Caro, on flute, the always amiable Juan Ceballos, on trumpet, the punctual Julius Melendez, On vocals they have the street-edged stylings of the young Cuban Sonero Orlando Torriente and the smooth crooning of Venezuelan-born Eduardo Herrera. The combination is monstrous featuring these incredible musicians and other great guest artists, including the preeminent trombone player in salsa today, Jimmy Bosch, and Latin violinist legend, Alfredo Delafe. Don't miss the ride!

Home Base: San Francisco