Americano Social Club

The Americano Social Club is led by Michael Zisman on mandolin and features guitarists Jason Vanderford and Doug Martin and bassist Joe Kyle Jr. They play music for "la dolce vita": a mix of romantic and eclectic melodies from all over the world. 

At their performances you might hear Gypsy Jazz, Pop, Jazz or Folk, Classical, Rock, or Opera, the music of Brazil or of Europe's cafés, (not to mention some of their own dramatic original pieces); and all of it re-imagined so you will hear the melodies you love (or didn’t know you loved) like new again. 

They perform at lots of parties, events and weddings during the year and play a wide range of music from many eras and in many styles with something for everyone to enjoy. They have played events both big and small including parties for President Clinton, General Colin Powell, and Anne Hathaway's wedding, and of course have played many brides and grooms down the aisle with their favorite songs.

Home Base: San Francisco