Alphabet Rockers

Alphabet Rockers was created by children's music production company School Time Music in 2007 in San Francisco, CA. Harvard graduate and professional singer Kaitlin McGaw and 4 Non Blondes drummer/author/music teacher Dawn Richardson joined together to create Alphabet Rockers. Their goal was to produce high-quality, cutting-edge music for a shared learning entertainment experience for kids, family, and teachers.

The debut self-titled CD, Alphabet Rockers has been applauded nationally by parenting publications, teachers and music critics. With a sound and lyrics unlike other kids' music, Alphabet Rockers appeals to preschoolers and early elementary school kids with its high-energy sound and surprises and engages parents by how cool and unconventional the songs are. All songs are written with teacher advisors, so the content is perfect for the classroom—and teachers love the fact that the songs also give them street cred with young learners. The live show, "Alphabet Rockers," is a high-energy, interactive, educational music and dance show for the whole family.

Home Base: San Francisco