American from North to South, singer-songwriter Aliice brings a fresh sound, cartoon spirit, and punk attitude to the world of Pop. 

The bilingual star was born in LA and raised in Chile, and after six years as the lead singer of a rock band, she decided to go solo and launch singles from her debut electro-pop EP, titled, Facing the Monster--dedicated to confronting our inner and outer demons and inviting us all to be brave. 

Aliice is a big supporter of the LGBT community and draws inspiration from Drag. She was honored to be the closing act for Pride concerts for two years in a row: World Pride Madrid in front of a 20K audience, and Pride Chile 2018 in front of a 100K audience. 

In January 2019 the singer co-wrote and recorded the first League of Legends anthem for the Latin American E-Sports competition, for American video game company, Riot Games.

DJs from around the globe remixed Aliice's first two singles, giving them their own twist. You can hear them on streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music.  

Home Base: Los Angeles