Say Ya! Photobooth

Indulge in Say Ya! Photobooth's superior open concept and design. Say Ya! Photobooth is ready to wow you and your guests with instant photo gratification, platinum service, and an unforgettable experience. From a five star hotel in the city to an outdoor affair in the country, the minimal and open design photobooth is inviting to all while producing impeccable results. The booth is seamlessly packed with a professional SLR camera, lighting, large live view and instant printouts. Say Ya! Photobooth offers unlimited onsiten reprints so each guest can have a copy to keep, no sharing needed! Keep the pictures forever with free and hi-res digital copy downloads for you and your guests. Say Ya! Photobooth will even personalize the printout and the booth with special logos for an extra touch of customization. 

Home Base: San Francisco