Mediterranean Soul

Mediterranean Sou, Fine musicians providing fun Greek music styles including:
Kalamatiano, Tsamiko, Hasaposerviko, Zembekiko, Tsiftitelli, Hasapiko, Pentozali, Karsilama and Syrto.

World Music Styles:
Smooth Jazz, Brazilian Jazz, Bossa Nova,
Spanish and American Standards.


"I was struck by the dynamics of this band. To play everything from a soft Latin jazz to some of the most moving Greek music I've ever heard. Be prepared to dance and enjoy. These guys are obviously having a good time and are both inspirational and fun."

-Michael Heath, Chairman for the Festival of Greece, Oakland California

"Close your eyes and you will feel like you are in Greece... OPA!"

-Anne Thomopoulos, Award-winning HBO Executive Producer

Home Base: San Francisco