DJ Raul Castro

Born in Los Angeles and raised in Orange County, Raul Castro created a name for himself in the San Francisco Bay Area during the swing craze of the 90’s as a professional DJ, dance instructor and top-notch performer with Work That Skirt Dance Company. His 25+ years experience as a DJ and host extraordinaire, coupled with his impeccable sense of style and courteous manner, have made Raul a regular at many of the local clubs including The Red Devil Lounge, Verdi Club, 330 Ritch, and Supperclub to name a few. He has appeared along side major label acts such as The English Beat, Dramarama, The Fixx, General Public and ABC. His vast range of music includes ‘50s Roots of Rock & Roll, ‘60s Rock & Soul, ‘70s Disco & Classic Rock, ‘80s Old School & New Wave, Vintage & Contemporary Swing, Latin, Classic Country & Western Swing, Top40, Ambient/Chill, Exotica & Lounge and so much more. With a private client roster that includes Microsoft, Honda, Coca Cola and Johnson & Johnson, Raul keeps himself busy entertaining a variety of audiences in a variety of atmospheres. 

Home Base: San Francisco