Radar Love

Radar Love is a labor of love. It all started over a drink backstage… Someone said, “Let’s start a band and play all those great classic rock songs that no one else does.”

“Yeah, the ‘other’ hits that are too hard for most bands,” someone added.

“Songs with real harmonies by bands that actually had a musical career!” they all concurred.

The gauntlet was thrown down. A group of pros headed back to the garage and lovingly crafted a repertoire of classic rock with a glam twist. Dark corners of wardrobes were explored. Overlooked thrift store racks were raided. Favorite guitars and vintage instruments suddenly reappeared… and a real show evolved.

Performing the greatest rock hits of all time: long forgotten gems by bands like Styx, Pat Benatar, David Bowie, and Linda Ronstadt. From Boston to Kansas… from Cheap Trick to Zeppelin… from Asia to Styx…

Power vocals and harmonies coupled with stellar musicianship. Each song a hit. Each song a sing-along. Your guilty pleasures are out of the closet!

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