Cigar Roller

Cigar Rolling shows are always a hit at weddings, corporate parties, fundraising events, golf tournaments, and private parties! Oyé Productions uses Cigar Rollers that have learned their craft in Cuba, home of the world’s finest tobacco and cigars. Their master cigar rollers have been making hand-rolled cigars for over 15 years. They use Cuban seed tobacco, grown in the climates of the Dominican Republic, Honduras, and Nicaragua. This ensures that the cigars are not distinguishable from the best cigars out of Cuba, and guarantees you will receive the best cigar you’ve ever smoked!

Oyé Productions not only will roll you the best handmade cigars, but they also hand dip all of their cigars in cognac for a subtle, yet distinct after taste. Other dipping options include rum, which tends to be a little sweeter, and Oyé Productions can also flavor the cigar in vanilla, strawberry or vanilla & strawberry combinations

At on-site Cigar Rolling shows, all guests catch a glimpse of a cigar being created right in front of their eyes! Other than the on-site rolled cigars, they always bring pre-rolled cigars that guests can enjoy immediately. All cigars brought are hand made, full flavored and extremely enjoyable. Making them by hand ensures that all cigars are perfect—with a smooth and enjoyable puff!

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