Helena Gullan

An accomplished Electric Violinist, this unique talent has vast experience playing in a large range of styles - although she trained classically, she has played with many different rock/folk/pop bands. She also loves to collaborate with DJs to house/trance/electronic music for live performances in bars and clubs.

Being an actress and violinist, she combines her theatrical background with her musical one, to create exhilierating Electric Violin performances! She is very accustomed to moving freely and fluidly with the violin and playing to choreographed routines, and has been praised for her charismatic stage presence when she plays.

Her stilt walking violin act is one of very few in the world. She has various different costumes to suit your theme; her newest including the option for an LED Stilt Walking Violin performance. Currently she is developing another distinctive calling card: and aerial hoop lyra violin act!

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