Golden Dragon Fortunes

Golden Dragon Fortunes uses the wisdom of an ancient Asian Oracle, thousands of years old, to foreshadow the Qi Energy flowing in your future. 

Golden Dragon Fortunes is very popular at parties, big or small, private or corporate. They have done parties from 6, to 600, to 11,000 people attending. They have also done smaller, more intimate, family or friends gatherings, dinners, birthdays, girls nights, or even holiday gatherings. They will adapt the length and depth of the mini-Fortunes with the time available and the number of guests, as well as other factors, to optimize your experience as the Hostess/Host. Whether it is personal or professional, The future Qi flows for everyone.

Depending on circumstances, Golden Dragon Fortunes will often bring a hostess to keep the waiting list organized and guests happy for events of 50+ people, at no extra charge if contracted for over 2 hours.

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