Ginnie Jester, City Mystic

When Ginnie Jester reads Tarot she reads with her City Mystic * New York Tarot deck, funded on Kickstarter in 2014, and brings an array of other neat decks to choose from upon request. Her booth/table, her deck, her attire and her vibe reflect her appreciation for good design (she studied interior design and graphic design in college), travel, black and white photography, art and unorthodox, practical, strategic approaches to traditional Tarot visuals.

Currently she is in production on her second deck, City Mystic * Paris, successfully funded on Kickstarter September 2015. As the name suggests, City Mystic encompasses her approach to Tarot, whether it be in readings or in crafting decks. She is interested in bringing practical divination, wisdom and strategy to the urban environment. Her mission is to enliven the sense of Magic and wonder in the vibrant, buzzing urban world, and so her work and her readings reflect this tone.

In addition to her deck Ginnie also brings an assortment of crystals to adorn her table when space permits to add to the experience of the client a sense of inspiration, art, wonder and creativity. 

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