Fou Fou Ha!

Fou Fou Ha! is an animated performance troupe extraordinaire, described by NBC as "wildly unique" and quoted in Metrowise Magazine as "genuine talent at its best." With a myriad of color-filled costumes—resembling a cross between Dr. Seuss, Antique Court Jesters and fantastic Anime characters—Fou Fou Ha! adds a fantastical element to any event with their "jaw-dropping dance numbers" (7x7 Magazine) that mix a "Fosse precision with a Jim Henson sensibility" (SF Weekly). For your event, Fou Fou Ha! can offer ambient characters to highlight your theme, short performances of intricate, comedic dance routines or provide a featured, full-length show.

Fou Fou Ha! was recently voted San Francisco's favorite new [performance] troupe by The Examiner, "Best Dance Company" in 2008 for the Bay Guardian's Best of the Bay, and has been commissioned by Visa Signature in 2008 and Moett Hennessey in 2009 to represent their new campaigns in San Francisco. 

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