DJ Celeste Lear

A truly great DJ understands that it is their duty to not just help their clients create an epic party but to spend their lives dedicated to being able to take their listeners on an irresistibly exciting and inspirational, next-level sonic journey.

DJ Celeste's unshakable love for music and performance has led her to spend nearly two decades dedicated to studying the art and science of DJing, music production and sound engineering. With an impressive set of career highlights including:

  • 13+ years as a mobile event, festival & nightclub DJ
  • Running sound for & DJ/MCing over 800 events including over 250 weddings
  • Acquiring over $24,000 worth of sound, lighting and DJ equipment 
  • Punctual, fun, detail oriented and easy to work with and always accommodating to all clients 
  • Meticulously collecting and cataloging over 28,000 songs in almost all genres 
  • Developing a knack for climactic, seamless song mixing, eclectic and inspirational curation and reading a diverse crowd 
  • Releasing 5 solo albums and amassing millions of plays of her original music on Spotify, Pandora, Youtube, etc.
  • Working as a music director and composer on exciting international multi-media projects including for the United Nations and UNESCO
  • One of the first few DJs to begin performing as an avatar in Virtual Reality in the Metaverse 

Celeste possesses a never-ending enthusiasm and sincere dedication to providing a top-notch sonic experience for her listeners and can say that she truly represents today's modern, driven female in the entertainment/music industry.

With an emphasis on keeping the sound hip, energized, sophisticated and accessible to many different types of clients, Celeste craftily mixes everything from the hottest high energy House Music to Top 40/Pop hits. Indie Dance and Nu-Disco, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s classics, Hip Hop and super creative Mash-Ups and Remixes. She has a special passion for unique and edgy Trap, Tribal and Future Bass Music and closely follows all the best, most cutting-edge new underground and mainstream music producers to stay ahead of the game. Celeste is a regular guest DJ for the wildly popular “Ecstatic Dance” events across the West Coast and takes pride in working to ensure that her listeners have an uplifting, energizing and cathartic… even - spiritual experience on the dance floor. 

Always doing her best to keep right on the cutting edge of music and entertainment technology, Celeste has been building her own immersive 3D nightclubs & performing as an avatar DJ on revolutionary new Metaverse platforms like TibeXR, AltspaceVR, VRChat, Second Life & Sansar in the "metaverse" since fall of 2019!

As a music producer, Celeste has had over 100 placements of her music on television & film including most notably Fox’s wildly popular “So You Think You Can Dance,” as well as various shows on VH1, the Fashion One Network, HBO, SONY, Discovery Channel and MTV. Celeste owns and operates her own recording studio and independent record label with 6 current album releases and countless remixes and mash-ups.

*Another interesting note is that Ms. Lear is the granddaughter of the 8-Track Cassette (and Lear Jet) inventor William P. Lear. Definitely one with music bred right into her genes! 

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