Ben Mallare Acoustic

Soaring vocals, deep melodies, and a lot of heart.

Musical entertainer Ben Mallare found his voice from those before him with similar qualities. Pop artists with big voices like Michael Jackson, Kelly Clarkson and Bruno Mars, to name a few, inspired Mallare's unique style - pop, R&B, a little soul and a LOT of voice. Born and raised in Annapolis MD, Ben started singing at a young age and began developing himself as an artist in the early 2010's. His most recent effort, Heart Beats Harder, is a (mostly) self-written LP chronicling Mallare's experiences in Boston, MA and Nashville, TN. Recorded at Northeastern University, Mallare worked with a hodgepodge of producers to put together the 14-track set. The lead single, "Say So," was released on March 12, with the album following on April 9, 2013.

Ben also owns an entertainment company in Los Angeles under the name Ben Mallare Acoustic Entertainment. The company provides entertainment for corporate galas, weddings, birthday parties, anniversary dinners, college events, retreats, and a variety of other events. Ben and his troupe of "merry men" have been applauded for their ability to create unforgettable celebrations - from beautifully articulated ceremony music, to relaxed cocktail hour music, to precious and individually prepared special song requests, to rocking dance parties with unforgettable finishes - the band is known as the group that does it all.

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